Living after Easter

The Empty Tomb (George C. Gray)

It’s too bad that tax day followed so soon on the heels of Easter this year.  The growing secularization of our society can be seen in the quick shift from Easter egg hunts to tax day tea parties.  But I don’t want to think about taxes and bailouts and debts.  I get tired of depressing economic news and uncertain international relationships.  I’d rather think about Easter.  Not the day, mind you, but the event it is supposed to celebrate–the rising from the dead of Jesus Christ, Son of God, spotless Lamb, eternal Savior!

We are blessed to live after Easter, after the Resurrection.  Have you ever thought about what a blessing that is?  Noah, Abraham, Moses, David…none of the great people of faith knew what it feels like to be able to look back with certainty on the victory of God’s Messiah over death.  They may have anticipated a future messiah, and they certainly lived in faith, but we have such an advantage that they did not have.  We live after Easter.

Our great blessing, as usual, shoulders us with a great responsibility.  We should live each day with the remembrance that Christ died and was raised from the dead for us.  So that we might have full lives with God–that’s why Jesus did it, after all.  This understanding of God’s love and power gives our lives new meaning and purpose.  It gives us the grace to be saved and to share our joy with those around us who don’t realize that victory is within reach.

Too many people don’t know that God’s victory has been secured as evidenced by the empty tomb which couldn’t hold the Christ.  Too many people have no hope for a glorified future with God, because too many of us don’t realize what it really means to live after Easter.

Dear God,
Thank you for Jesus.  Thank you for showing us your power over death and for giving us a way to share in your victory.  Please help us to share our awareness of the times with others.  Life in you is abundant and blessed and secure in the knowledge that you hold our lives in your hands.  We need your guidance, wisdom, and love so that we can help bring the world back to you.  We ask for your power to help defeat the evil in our lives and our communities.  We want our friends, neighbors, and even our enemies to expereince the joy we have since we’ve committed our lives to your service.  Overcome our weaknesses, dear Lord, and lead us in your power.
In the name of Jesus the risen Lord I offer my prayer.



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Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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