The Lamb

Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbaran c.1635/40

Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbaran c.1635/40

Passover feasts atop mount Zion
Have shed their share of blood.
But lambs alone won’t be bled this day,
So too the sinless Son of God.

A man from Mount of Olives taken,
A Jew. A Nazarene.
From Pilate’s court to Herod shuffled,
Then nailed to die upon a tree.

The deed is done, the Lamb’s devoured
By rulers of this age.
Thick darkness cloaks the field of battle.
The whole earth quakes before God’s rage.

The temple veil is torn in pieces.
Dividing walls fall down
When Jesus breathes his final graces
On those who made his thorny crown.

A man of God. A holy prophet.
That’s what some people said.
This suffering one, the world’s Messiah,
The sinless scapegoat hangs there dead.

They shroud his body now in linen.
His pierced heart beats no more.
The hands that held and healed the children
Lie motionless behind death’s door.

His borrowed tomb is new and guarded.
A stone seals out the light.
Disciples all away have hidden
To pray and grieve and fear the night.

As morning breaks day after Sabbath,
With spices in their hands,
The ladies come now through the garden
To weep over the Son of Man.

But something’s wrong; the tomb is open!
The stone backwards has rolled.
Angels are here instead of Jesus!
The women bow their faces low.

How could this be? the ladies wonder.
Remember what was said?
He foretold this back in Galilee.
Why seek the living with the dead?

All glory and all hallelujahs!
God’s love and might hand
Defeated death and raised the Savior!
This Jesus is the risen Lamb.

All glory and all hallelujahs!
The war is almost won.
The day draws near when all tombs empty
And all knees bow before God’s Son.


About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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3 Responses to The Lamb

  1. Kent Lindsay says:

    Beautiful expression of God’s redeeming love for His dying children world wide. Thank you Patrick. Hope you don’t mind me posting this on my Face Book this solemn day of celebration.

    • Please do, Kent. Everything of mine on here is freely offered in the hope that it will help people come to know God and advance his mission. I pray God will bless you and yours.

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you Patrick, for this picture of what happened that precious day so long ago. I am grateful that it’s meaning endures today and always.

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