We live in the Adrenaline Age.  Whether it’s action-packed movies, NASCAR races, X-Games, or any other high voltage entertainment, people seem to be looking for quick and constant thrills.  It’s addictive.  That doesn’t mean it’s all bad; rather, it’s just my observation of a growing trend in our society.  We want to be thrilled again and again and again.

Maybe part of the thrill is the awareness of risk.  It is exciting to see someone do something daring and dangerous.  For whatever reason, we’re often curious to see each other’s breaking points.  We’ll even be the daredevils sometimes–especially when we’re young.  But as we get a little older, we seem to pause more often to consider the risk.

So what about our faith?  What risks are we willing to take for our faith–our beliefs–our commitment to God?  I’m not interested in giving a laundry list of things that you and I should be willing to gamble for our beliefs.  That’s a personal decision that we each have to make.  But we do have to consider the question, don’t we?  I mean, if we care about more than the next adrenaline hit, then we’ve got to consider if our lives are moving in any meaningful direction.

God offers us more than temporary excitements.  He offers us real lives full of meaning and significance, but we know that risk is involved.  If we live for God, then we lose much of what the world around us idolizes.  If we live for God, we know that most people won’t understand us or respect our choices.  But this is the reality we face.  We have to decide if we’re willing to risk it all for a relationship with God.

If we choose God and his way of life, that doesn’t mean we’ve given up our desire for excitement and challenges.  It just means that we find those things in different places than before.  And now, instead of just receiving a temporary thrill, the risks we take often result in some kind of sacrifice on our part.  But in the process, we get to bless someone else’s life in a way that glorifies God.  The resulting thrill is something we keep for a lifetime.

The world around us may be content to live on adrenaline.  But not me.  I want something more.  I want sometthing that will last.  I want life that is risked with God.


About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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