Is Monogamy Realistic?

ringsIs monogamy realistic?  According to a new story on, the answer is No.  You can find the story here:

It isn’t surprising to find that the basic argument given for dumping the goal of monogamy is that too many people find monogamous relatiohships unfulfilling.  This also happens, by the way, to be the reason why so many relationships fail to practice monogamy–people are just too selfish.

Instead of believing in and focusing on the relationship–and the other person in it–we all probably make the consequential mistake of focusing too much on ourself and what we think will make us happy.  Christians should know better.  Our mantra should be serving each other out of love.  Instead, our reality is often such that we only want what we can get from our relationships.

If we believe that we live to pursue holiness–the essense of what it means to live like God–then we surely are capable of having fulfilling, monogamous relationships.  This is clearly the goal of the New Testament’s teaching about marriage relationships.  So, is monogamy realistic?  Is it possible?  Is it even a worthwhile pursuit in our Postmodern age?  The answer to all these questions is Yes.


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