A Tale of Two Farmers

Once there were two farmers.

Both were good men.  Both loved to farm.  They both had dreams of being the best farmer in the county.  Now, surely there are different ways to measure how good a farmer is, but both of these farmers thought the measure of a farmer was the size of his harvest.

So, both men went out and bought seed.  Lots and lots of seed.  They bought fertilizer and soil testers and fancy irrigation equipment.  They talked to older experienced farmers about when the best time was to plant.  They both did just about everything they could do, with one notable exception…

Because it was cheaper, faster, and more controllable, one farmer decided not to plow the whole field.  He, instead, just dug one hole–a very big, very deep hole.  And into that hole he poured all of his seed and all of his fertilizer.  This, he thought, will surely grow the biggest, tallest, most visible crop anyone has ever seen!  If I focus all my energy and effort and capital on this plant, just imagine how it will grow!

Now, the other farmer chose a different path.  Instead of just digging one big hole, he not only plowed his own field, but he bought other fields in nearby towns and plowed them as well.  Although he had the exact same amount of seed and fertilizer as the other man, he spread his out over a number of different fields.  It’s true that it cost more money and took more time.  There were more weeds to pull and more acres to water.  He had to hire more help and expend more capital.  But as the weeks and months passed, it became obvious to everyone who the better farmer was.

Now, neither of these men were bad men.  Their intentions were good and their hearts were right, but only one had the wisdom to see that you reap a bigger harvest when you scatter your seed instead of pouring everything you have into one big hole.

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it?

Some day, I pray our churches will learn the same lesson.


About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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