Learning to Trust

My oldest child is 4 and 1/2.  She thinks she’s much older, of course, and I find her doing things now and then and feeling my heart leap up into my throat.  “She can’t possibly be old enough or capable enough to do that,” I tell myself.  It’s too dangerous.  What if….

It’s a way of thinking that I’ll have to get over if I’m going to live much longer, I think.  At some point, I have to let her learn and grow, which means I have to learn to trust.

So often, though, we look at someone young or inexperienced or less than accomplished and have trouble trusting him or her.  The good news, however, is that the imperfect one isn’t the one who we have to put our trust in.  God is.  When we put our trust in the perfect One, we are beginning to let go of some of our own idols.  And we might as well dismiss them, because they can’t do anything for us anyway.

No amount of worry or overprotection will keep my children safe from bumps and bruises and, yes, even scars.  Deep ones.  But even the process of learning pain and learning how to heal is something that God gives us.  I’m just glad to know that God is there through all of it, and he has our best in mind even as things happen that we’d never pick if we were given the opportunity.

So I’m learning to trust better.  I keep trying to remind myself that maybe I’m raising a little one who might day be a David, an Esther, or a Paul.  These were all little people who at one point were probably hard to trust.  They were too small, too inexperienced, just too lacking to accomplish what their people needed.  And then God stepped in and did with them what he so often still does with us–he proved why we should put our trust in him.


About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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