Christians & Elections 2010

Assuming you just read the title of this post, you probably now need to take a few deep breaths or count to ten or whatever else you do to release the tension in your shoulders and jaw.

Politics hits a raw nerve with so many of us that it’s surprising the stock prices for Tylenol and Advil don’t skyrocket every election cycle.  I like following politics.  It’s more interesting than reality TV, and it actually makes a difference in my family’s life and future.  Politics does not, however, determine my family’s future.  God does that.  As Christians living in a politically charged society, we can’t help but be interested in the rules and laws we live by, but we must keep things in perspective.

If this peaks your interest at all, I hope you’ll click on the link below and read an article I wrote a few years ago that finds renewed relevance every election cycle.

Whose Side Are You On?

God bless,



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Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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