A Letter from God

Imagine if you received a direct, personal letter today (snail mail, email, text–it’s your choice) from God…

Dear ____________________,

I remember the moment you were created.  I watched your cells grow and divide and give your body shape.  I still remember the soft sound of the first beats of your tiny heart.  I made you special.  Unique.  You have always been important to me, and you have never left my sight.  You may have felt alone and cold and scared at times, but you always survived, because I am not willing to let you be crushed by the trials of this life.  I will not promise that you will never again endure hardship and hurt, but I’ve already promised that I will never leave you or forsake you, and my promises are eternal.  I am faithful.  You are mine. There is nothing in all my creation that can separate you from my love.

Just as there have been times when you wondered where I was, there have been times when I wondered why you wouldn’t come to me when you needed help or share with me your joys and successes.  You’re only as alone as you choose to be, because my eyes are always upon you.  My ears are never closed to your voice.  I love you, and I want us to know each other more deeply.  In reality, I already know you more than you know yourself.  I know the number of hairs on your head.  I know your thoughts and your dreams.  I even know your struggles and the times you fail to be as good as you want to be.  But you sometimes forget that there is so much more for you to learn about me.  I want to be known, and I will bring you closer to me if you will come.

Your life is shorter than you sometimes think, but it is also full of opportunities to live this life with me.  We can do so much good together.  You can know a joy and a peace that the world cannot understand unless it turns to me.  Your hopes and your dreams can and will come true when they are shaped by my mission to redeem, reconcile, and reclaim the world.  It may take a moment or a million years, but the life you hope and pray for is dawning just as sure as that first flash when I spoke light into existence.  So don’t be discouraged.  Above all, don’t give up.  Rely upon me.  Let me carry your burdens and wipe away your tears.  Let me lead you in paths of righteousness and fill your heart with satisfaction and song.  You were mine when I made you, and you will be mine when I bring you home.  But in the meantime, don’t forget–you are still mine, even while you wait.

I love you.  Don’t give up on me, because I’ll never give up on you.  I promise.


May this little hypothetical letter remind you of some of the great promises and blessings God has in mind for you.  Maybe it will help us remember how great is our God.



About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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One Response to A Letter from God

  1. Joyce Stewart says:

    Thanks, Patrick, for a wonderful reminder of who we are in the Father. I think I am correct that you are in Wichita today looking for housing. Sorry we didn’t provide warmer weather for you, but we wanted you to know just how beautiful it can be when God wraps us in a blanket. Praying that you’ll find just what you’re looking for. I am anxious to get to know you and your family and get to listen to more of what you wrote here today. Blessings & Hugs!

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