What Jesus Prays For You

I, like a lot of Christian teachers and preachers, talk a lot about what Jesus wants from us.  Our faith is built on sacrifice, so giving to God, our Christian family, and our neighbors is a theme that should be a large part of our discussion and lifestyle.  That means we have to talk about what God expects from us.  We have to know what to do and how to live so that we can know who we are as God’s own people.

The trouble is that sometimes I, and others, talk so much about what we’re supposed to do that we all end up feeling burdened and overwhelmed.  It seems like we can never keep up with the needs around us.  We don’t seem to have enough time, energy, money, or other resources necessary to fix the problems we see.  And so when the preacher points out one more thing that we need to get right or do better, we may just tune it all out.  It’s not that we don’t care; it’s just that we feel so weak and ineffective.

Jesus knows we feel this way.  As I said in last Sunday’s sermon (find it here soon), our lives are full of heartache and trouble.  Christ, however, showed us through his resurrection that trouble will not be the final word (consider John 16:33)!  When Jesus comes back to make all things new, all of our troubles will be burned up, and we will finally experience the unfiltered glory of God.

After Jesus ate one final Passover meal with his disciples, and before they went out to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus would pray to God for deliverance, Jesus gave his disciples (including you and me) a great privilege by letting us hear him as he prayed to God for us.  Jesus prayed for you.

This great prayer, recorded in John 17, is the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in all of Scripture.  On Sunday morning at the East Point Church of Christ in Wichita, I’ll walk us through this prayer–Lord willing–and we’ll be encouraged by the many things Jesus wants and prays to God for us.  Notice that I said “for” and not “from” us.  I challenge you to read John 17 before Sunday and see how many things Jesus wants for you.  When we realize how much we are loved by the Son of God, it sure makes the troubles of the day easier to handle.

God bless, have a good week, and I hope to see you Sunday!



About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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