The main point of the canonical gospel accounts (those of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) is to communicate that Jesus Christ is indeed God’s Son and our Savior.  Whether you are a Christian or not, if you have read the Gospels, then you can’t miss this central theme.  You could, however, miss a theme in those pages that is almost as important.

That theme is you.

The story of Jesus makes little if any difference in your life unless you find your way into the text and see how the message there bangs against the doors of your life.  If His story doesn’t shake you and rattle you to the core, then you haven’t felt its power.  If His story fails to capture your attention, your interest, and your heart, then you haven’t grasped the depths Jesus was willing to endure in order to lift you up.  If you can’t see yourself riding beside Him in a small fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee or walking with Him across the Kidron Valley from Bethany to Jerusalem, if you can’t sense the wonder in the air as He calls Lazarus out of the tomb, then you haven’t fully opened yourself to know this man from Nazareth. 

Jesus is a lord and friend who wants to be known. 

By the power of God and the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit, Scripture continues to be alive and active as we allow it to penetrate deep into who we are as people searching for intimacy with God.  As we read it, let’s try to meditate upon it in such a way that we can find ourselves in its pages, written between the lines, as we work to identify with those who walked and talked with Jesus.

This Sunday at East Point, we’ll see who we can identify with as we look at these events that take us–with Jesus–from Gethsemane to the foot of the cross. 

God bless,



About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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