Hannah Had “It”

Hannah's Prayer by Durga Bernhard

It’s still a few days early as I write this, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  I know I’m sure proud of my mom and of the mother of my children!  I owe both of them more than most people will ever know.

They remind me a lot of the lady we’ll learn from this Sunday at East Point in Wichita.  The lady’s name is Hannah, and her story is told briefly in the first two chapters of the Old Testament book 1Samuel.  Hannah was a woman who wanted more than anything to have a child, but she went years without getting her wish.  Her prayers, however, did not stop, and the day came when God provided her with a son.

What Hannah did next would shock some people.  Very, very few of us could have done it ourselves.  But she did it because of a vow she had made to God, and she made that vow because Hannah had “it.”  She had that thing that separates the good from the great.  And that’s what we’ll talk about Sunday morning.

It will be a special day!  We’ll also take time to recognize and pray for all the babies born the last year at East Point, and we even have a little surprise up our sleeves for all the moms!  So, come and worship the Lord with us this Sunday, and learn what “it” is.



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One Response to Hannah Had “It”

  1. Can’t wait! The story of Hannah is always challenging and encouraging!

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