Growing Biblical Community

One of the hardest things for American Christians to do these days is also one of the most essential things we need to learn to do for the rest of our days–love one another and live in true biblical community.

Anyone who has read the New Testament knows that the command to love one another is given to Christians over and over again.  We hear or read it so often that I think we sort of filter it out and fail to think about what that command really calls us to do.  It’s so well-known, we almost dismiss it in a search for something new and novel.  And we suffer for it.

Don’t we all get a little tired of being tired, stressed, fatigued, or even bored with the kind of life our culture pushes?  Haven’t we learned already that the constant accumulation of stuff and the never-ending attempt to reach the top have really just made us feel empty and ineffective?  Even in the church this can happen.  We look around and ask what we can do to better market ourselves and our product, when we’d be a lot better off if we worried less about marketing and more about living in a way that truly puts our product on display.

I know, it’s not really “our” product.  But love is the thing that our Christian community should display that exists nowhere else in the whole wide world.  The love we show one another in Christ is not merely an emotion, it is not self-seeking, and it does not ever fade away.  It is something unique that is given to us by God which can overcome all obstacles in the way of our living a life of faith that looks forward in anticipation of our full salvation because we live according to love.

If we love one another the way God intends us to, then we will not be able to keep from growing in genuine biblical community.  That’s exciting!  And that’s what we’ll be talking about this Sunday morning at the East Point Church of Christ in Wichita as we start this series on Community in Christ.

God bless, and I hope to see you Sunday!



About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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