Aug. 2 weekly update

August 2, 2011

Hey, everyone, I hope your week is going well so far.  If you were here at East Point on Sunday, you may remember that we talked about how Jesus’ daily life was hectic most of the time, and we saw how he was willing to keep ministering to people nonetheless.  Tonight as you do whatever you do on Tuesday evenings, take a minute to remind yourself that God ALWAYS has time for you.  ALWAYS.  And as we saw from Mark 2 where Jesus forgave and healed the crippled man, God is able to heal us completely.  He cares about our physical wounds just as he cares about our spiritual sickness, and he will give us everything we need to stay in a healthy relationship with him.

I hope you’ll remember these things, because we so often fail to accept the grace that God offers us.  We either consider ourselves unworthy and unsalvageable, or we don’t believe that God can do what he says he can do.  So here’s my challenge to you for the rest of the week:

Concentrate on the one biggest need or issue you’re dealing with in your life, and pray every day to God about it, and share it with a brother or sister in Christ and let them pray with you about it.  This can be a big thing or a relatively small thing as long as it’s something important to you.  And when you share it and pray about it with someone else, make sure that it’s with someone who doesn’t live under the same roof as you.  Now, it’s good to pray about these things with your family, but we also need to train ourselves to share and pray with those who make up our Christian family.

If you do this, you will be blessed, and the person who prays with you will also be blessed by the experience.  God wants a family that knows how to talk and pray together about things that are important to us.  And, don’t forget, they’re important to God, too.  He sees our troubles, he hears our cries, he knows our sufferings, and he comes down to deliver us (see Exodus 3:7-8).  How great is our God!

God bless,



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Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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