Hope for the Hopeless

The greatest tragedy in life is to live without the faintest glimmer of hope.

Those who take their own lives, if they leave a message behind, often speak not of anger or frustration but of hopelessness.  Most people can deal with trouble and keep fighting even if they experience abuse or divorce or bankruptcy or the loss of loved ones.  But when people reach the point where they feel there is no hope for something better, they begin to give up.

If we think about it, I think we’ll find that this is true in our spiritual lives as well.  Every one of us knows that we have lots of problems and too many scars from the infection of sin in our lives.  That’s the human condition.  But when we have faith and hope, we are able to fight back against the corruption of sin, and we believe God can make us well again.

Some people, however, don’t have this kind of hope.  They might believe in God and in the resurrection of his Son, but they feel too inferior and too worthless to expect God to have compassion on them.  They know their weaknesses, they believe they have absolutely nothing to offer God, and so they give up hope for any spiritual renewal.  And that’s not just sad, it’s tragic.

It’s tragic, because the denial of hope is one of the devil’s most successful ploys.  But we have an answer.  It’s real.  It’s incredible.  And it’s available for you.  God has given us the antidote for hopelessness.  And Sunday morning (Sept. 25, 2011) at East Point, I’m going to share it with you.

Bring your friends.  Bring your family.  Bring everyone you know who has given up, and may the loving power of God change their hearts and give them hope.


About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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One Response to Hope for the Hopeless

  1. Roger Putman says:

    Great topic Pat …..Praying that it touches those people that are right on the edge. Keep preaching “Hope for the Hopeless” and God will keep blessing your ministry. I do miss the opportunities we had to talk during SBS. Post a link for Sundays sermon if you decide to record it as I would enjoy listening to it.
    Your Brother in Christ………………..Roger

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