Dreaming Again

Do you remember the story of Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt?  Do you remember how he gave them God’s law and became their great leader and helped bring them right to the brink of the Promised Land that they’d prayed for for generations?  Moses allowed himself to be used by God in a way that advanced God’s vision, God’s dream, for his people.  Interestingly, Moses didn’t want to go back to Egypt when God called him from the burning bush (Exodus 3).  He was eighty years old.  Married.  A father.  He was a shepherd, not a great commander of men.  And he had forgotten his dream.  In Acts 7:20-36, we read about how Moses, when he was 40, shared God’s dream.  He wanted to liberate his people from bondage.  He wanted to do something incredible for God and God’s people, but his plan failed, and his dream died.  And it took a lot of prodding from God to convince Moses that he was still useful in God’s mission.

We have had dreams, too, haven’t we?  Haven’t we dreamed of giving our lives to God and serving our neighbors in ways that please the Father?  But since we’re human, our dreams sometimes fail to become reality.  We can’t see the big picture in the same way God can.  Sometimes our timing is wrong or our focus is out-of-focus or God has a different plan for us.  But the worst thing we can do is consider ourselves to be failures and sit out the rest of this race on the sidelines.  God still has plans for us.  God’s dream for us and for all the world is still coming true!

At East Point we’ve started a process that will help us dream again about who we can be as a church and as individual people of faith.  I outlined this process in my sermon two weeks ago, and you can download it from the “sermons” page on this site (or just click here to find it).  It is called “Dreaming Again.”  But even if you’re not a part of the East Point Church of Christ, I hope you’ll remember that God’s plans for the future are really more than dreams.  They are realities that have yet to happen, but they will, because God is God of heaven and earth.  And the beauty of it all is that he wants us to be part of his mission to bring hope, healing, and salvation to the whole world. 

If that stirs your soul and piques your interest but you don’t know how to be part of God’s great work, contact me (patrick@eastpointchurchofchrist.org) and I’ll help you find your place in God’s plans.  God DOES have a plan for you!

God bless,



About PatrickBarber

Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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