Rejoice! The Christ Has Come!

shepherds joseph mary(Almost) everyone loves babies–especially if we don’t have to change the diapers, get up for 3:00am feedings, or listen to the crying that sometimes comes with little ones who can’t talk yet. I know I love carrying other people’s babies around on Sundays. Their innocence is contagious. Their love is unconditional. And they pose no real threat or danger to us. They’re cute and cuddly and we can give them back to their parents whenever we’re ready.

That isn’t the case with Jesus.

One thing we might accidentally miss about the Christmas story, is that the people who were drawn to the baby Jesus didn’t come to see him because he was cute and cuddly. They came to see him, and worship him, and bring gifts to him, because he was announced as their Savior and their King.

So let’s not treat him as if he’s just a baby in a manger. He isn’t here to simply make us feel good and to be handed back to the Father when things get untidy. He’s here to be loved, and adored, and served, and worshipped. And followed.

God bless


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Preaching Minister East Point Church of Christ Wichita, Kansas
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1 Response to Rejoice! The Christ Has Come!

  1. Don Skeels says:

    You could not have said that better! Well worded!

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