Psalm Meditations

These are my reflections on what I’ve called the “shorter Psalms.”  This began a few years ago as a chance for me to think more personally and devotionally about the Psalms.  Eventually, I thought it might be a helpful aid to people who would like to overhear my meditations or reflections on these Psalms.  So, I decided I would email my reflections out each week or two.  It turns out that I’ve been able to write another meditation every 2 to 3 weeks on average–depending on how my other responsibilities are going.  So I wanted to keep these short enough to be no more than 1 page in length, and I always want to reprint the entire Psalm so that people could begin like I did–by reading the Psalm for themselves.  The reflections on Psalm 56 are the latest to be added to this collection.

I don’t claim to have any new or remarkable insights into these psalms, but I hope that they are the kinds of meditations that will resonate with you as they have with me.  Hopefully, we can grow through them and learn that the Psalms are a wonderfully personal glimpse into the hearts of psalmists praying, singing, rejoicing, crying, confessing, pleading, and sometimes angrily shouting at God.  But they do it in a way that is always faithful.  May we always follow that example.

God bless,


Psalm 1

Psalm 2

Psalm 3

Psalm 4

Psalm 5

Psalm 6

Psalm 8

Psalm 11

Psalm 12

Psalm 13

Psalm 14

Psalm 15

Psalm 16

Psalm 20

Psalm 23

Psalm 24

Psalm 26

Psalm 28

Psalm 29

Psalm 32

Psalm 36

Psalm 39

Psalm 41

Psalm 43

Psalm 46

Psalm 47

Psalm 52

Psalm 54

Psalm 56

Psalm 61

Psalm 63

Psalm 67

Psalm 70

Psalm 84

Psalm 93

Psalm 95

Psalm 99

Psalm 100

Psalm 101

Psalm 110

Psalm 112

Psalm 113

Psalm 114

Psalm 117

Psalm 121

Psalm 122

Psalm 123

Psalm 124

Psalm 125

Psalm 126

Psalm 127

Psalm 128

Psalm 129

Psalm 130

Psalm 131

Psalm 133

Psalm 134

Psalm 137

Psalm 138

Psalm 142

Psalm 143

Psalm 146

Psalm 149

Psalm 150


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