For those interested, here’s a bonus audio file of a lecture I presented at the Harding Lectureship in September 2014.  It’s about openness, communication, and equipping the church to meet it’s mission.  Click the link to listen or download: Pure Heart Vision – Building Walls: Connecting People to Advance the Gospel

Instead of linking all of my sermons here, recent sermons are now available at  Just click on the “SERMONS ONLINE” link near the top of the homepage.

Hopefully, God will use these messages to bring you closer to Him in exciting and encouraging ways!  If you listen, I hope you’ll log on and leave some comments here.  I’m always trying to learn how to improve and communicate more effectively.  I appreciate any comments, questions, or critique.

May God bless you richly,


Why God Still “Goes to Church” — August 2014

The Discipline of Forgiveness — June 2014

Andy’s First Day (Back to School & Bullying) — August 2013

Fathers and (lost) Sons — June 2012

Dreaming Again (October 14, 2012)

Elijah’s Drought (November 2010)

Reconciled (October 2010)

God’s Children…God’s Heart (October 2010) (This is a tag-team effort between Mike Ireland and myself.  Mike goes first as we introduce an incredibly exciting new adoption ministry here at West Side!)

Submitting to Caesar? (August 2010) (Warning: this is a long one!  I preached this on a Sunday night and still went longer than intended.  It is, however, an important and complicated subject that the church needs to address.)

A Day in the Life of Jesus–PowerPoint with narration (June 2010)

  • click on link above and then choose “save file,” then you can open and play the file in PowerPoint; I haven’t been able to get it to work by choosing the “open with” option for some reason

A Day in the Life of Jesus–mp3 audio only (June 2010)

Citizens (March 2010)

Evidence of Faith (March 2010)

That the Blind May See (Jan 2010)

The Lord Is My Portion (Jan 2010) (Sometimes, a visual presentation will accompany the spoken sermon.  In the case of this sermon, I also used a PowerPoint slideshow that helped illustrate and, at times, expand on the spoken points I was making.  That slideshow isn’t posted here, which detracts somewhat from the overall impact of this message.  It’s still possible, however, that God might work through the audio alone.  God bless.)

Guilt or Grace (Oct 09)

Wisdom’s Warning (Aug 09)

Wake Up, O Sleeper! (May 09)

We Need a Picture (April 09): Below, I’ve posted a video of a chapel sermon I preached on April 1 in Memphis, Tennessee.  It is approximately 10 minutes.

A Sign of Blood (April 09): Below is a sermon I preached April 5.  The first section, approximately 23 minutes long, preceded the Lord’s Supper.  The second section, approximately 6 minutes long, came after the Lord’s Supper.  Since the Jewish Passover began after twilight on April 8, it seemed timely to address the sustained importance that Passover has for Christians today.

A Sign of Blood: Exodus 12 (April 09)
A Sign of Blood: Close & Invitation (April 09)

Think About These Things (Mar 09)

Lessons from Lilly’s Diary (Feb 09)

Remember to Dream (Jan 09): Below, I’ve included a six-part worship service that we planned for our first worship service of this new year.  The sermon is divided into five segments here, as it was when it was preached.  I also included a sixth segment — the final song and prayer —  which really rounded out this worship theme.  Only the Lord’s Supper comments and prayers have been left out, because I wanted to stay within the theme for this post.

Part 1-Introduction & Singing
Part 2-Remember God
Part 3-God Remembers Us
Part 4-What If We Forget?
Part 5-Remember to Dream
Part 6-Final Song & Prayer

When Death Is Better Than Life (Nov 07)

An American Idol? (Spring 2007)

Back to Our Roots (2006)


2 Responses to Sermons

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  2. Darrell and Shirley Norton says:

    We really enjoyed meeting you, Charity, Jadyn, Eliana,and Judah. Sorry to hear that Eli fell and had to have stitches. We pray she is better and healing nicely. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you all coming to Oklahoma to meet our family here at Tamarack. We pray that if it is God’s will, you will choose to work with us. We know that you and your family will be praying for guidance and we at Tamarack will be praying for God’s will to be fulfilled. Love and Hugs to you all!!!

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