A Woman’s Role (2009)

Too often, we limit our discussion of the “role of women” to what women can or cannot do when the church assembles to worship.  That’s more than just unfortunate; it is having negative consequences all around us.  This small group study is intended to help us take a broader view of the role of women in the mission of God.  From the beginning, God’s mission has been to enter into covenant relationships with His people.  Women, from the beginning, have played extremely important roles in God’s interaction with His creation.  We should take note and give women the respect and appreciation that is inherently theirs as beings who, like men, are created in the image of God (Gen 1:27).  This is in no way the final word on the role women play in the mission of God, but it is at least one way to get the conversation started!

Grace and peace,

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 1: More than Footnotes

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 2: A Complicated Beginning

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 3: Leading Women

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 4: True Companions

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 5: Miraculous Motherhood

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 6: A Life Well-Lived

A Woman’s Role: Lesson 7: On the Front Lines


2 Responses to A Woman’s Role (2009)

  1. Pat Chrane says:

    Patick, I recieved information about your website from Billy Berny one of our elders. He was referred to you by Dave Bland. We are long time friends of Dave.
    We worship with Highway 36 church outside of Abilene. I am borrowing your lessons on “A Woman’s Role” if that is ok for later use in our Ladies Bible Class.. We are working on a study of Timothy now. IF you have an objection, please let me know. It will be a while before we use them and I would like to have your permission. Of course I will give you credit for the content.

    • Pat,
      Feel free to use whatever you find helpful! The copyright thing I put on the blog is really just to keep people from taking things and publishing them without permission. Of course, churches are welcome to use any of this stuff for free.

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